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The Real YouTube Debate

It looks like Barely Political has come out with another video.  If Crush on Obama was not enough, here comes Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl.

There are those who think lines like ‘I like my men like my coffee’ will eventually backfire on Obama. They keep remembering what happened to Ford in Tennessee.

I don’t know, but it would be hilarious if one of these spoofs ended up bringing down a candidate. Rrrr, in a hope of upgrading my PG rating (it was G) here is Amber Lee.


2 responses to “The Real YouTube Debate

  1. jody ⋅

    Gosh Nate, it’s reassuring to know that women really do have a role in politics, that their voices WILL be heard and that, if they play their cards right, women might actually determine the outcome of a major race.
    I feel so…..empowered. I think I’ll go get out my wonder bra and head on down to the council meeting. Maybe if I shake it hard enough I’ll be able to make a real political contribution and “give back to my community”.

    Seriously though, where is the male equivalent of this behavior? Women have been jumping out of cakes and counting ceiling tiles for (incredibly hideous) politicians since time began. Did Bella Abzug get beefcake? Does Cindy Sheehan have firm male bodies at her disposal daily? God for her sake I hope so, but I kinda doubt it? Poor Cindy.

  2. Yes you’re right. Maybe it would look like this?

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