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Evironmental Justice or Eco Terrorism?


WASHINGTON – Vandals smashed the windows of a new Hummer parked in a neighborhood, slashed the tires and left a message — “FOR THE ENVIRON” — scratched into the body, authorities said.

This story gave me a little chuckle this morning. What is more interesting is the Feds are now on the case. Why would the Feds be involved in a simple case of vandalism. It seems that this case is considered eco-terrorism.

Here is my question, does the ‘eviro’ hate crime committed by these vandals deserve to be investigated by the federal government on terrorism charges. Should two similar crimes one with a political intent and the other just for folly be seen differently in the eyes of the law.

There are cases to be made for eco-terrorism such as acts that poison our water, land, and air. But, it seems pretty silly to consider spraying old ladies coats, or vandalizing cars as eco-terrorist acts. 


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  1. jody ⋅

    Well, if someone smashed your hybrid and spray-painted “commie pinko” on it, or maybe “red” or somehting that hit at your political views and cost you thousands in damage and made you wonder how closely you might be wtached by whoever did this, if they’d strike again, if it was you they were targeting because of your blogging, or just a one-time act. Then you’d be happy about the feds paying attention to your personal problem. You’d be flappin’ about your rights to free speech and all that.

    Or if Ron’s car was smashed and the words “faggot-lover” or something was sprayed on his house and he had to explain that to his kid and wonder “what next”, or maybe someone smashes a jew’s business windows and writes “Kristallnacht 2” on the door – well would it still be so “minimal”? Just one jew, just one Ron, no big deal right? No implication at further dmage or that other’s might be harmed at all? Just chuckle and dismiss? No y’all would be up in arms if liberals were targeted by vandals for “controversial purchases”. How about a rainbow sticker on a car? That’s kind of a political thing ain’t it?

    When I wsas young I knoew a guy who had a group of guys who’d go down to the gay bar and wait for some lone guy to come out at night and beat the livin’ shit out of him. They thought it was fun. That was based on his lifestyle and beleifs. They felt his beleifs made him less human, his pain or financial loss was less real because he was “one of THEM”.
    They were organized in a sense, they were repeaters, I don’t think the feds would have been misplacing their attention had they looked into that gang. You could call them local terrorists I think.

    But as long as a guy is not on your side it’s funny. He is less real than you. His opinion is clearly wrong and he deserves what he gets. We should NOT work differing views out democratically or respect the laws, we should smash shit and blow shit up and tell our children this is destruction for a Holy Cause because We Are Right and They Are Wrong. Everyone is an Infidel these days. All guilt is by association and they are less than we are so any behavior against THEM is justified.

    The thought process is the problem here, not the physical target.


  2. jody ⋅

    Next time you want to do a post on MLK day, you know, ask yourself – did HE go around smashing Hummers? How can anyone say Oh golly I love Dr. Martin Luther King he is so goddam inspiring and then think this is okay? if you don’t want to take the word of Jody the Stupid Blogger at least admit King would have said “no”, and think for a moment how greatly he would have said it.

  3. I never said that smashing hummers should be condoned. My step dad thought it was sweet justice because he perceives hummers as the bullies of the road. Even though I was able to see the humor in the situation that does not mean I think they should be above the law.

    These guys should be charged both civilly and criminally for vandalism to the fullest extent of the law. That does not mean however they should be treated as enemy combatants and loose all due process because the crime had a political motive.

    In your example of Ron’s car there seems to be several criminal laws at stake. I still fail to see how any supra-laws are needed. Are you arguing that vandalism to Ron’s car should be covered by the Patriot Act.

  4. Babblemur

    Smash up my car – doing me a favor

    Smash up my bike – that hurts!

    Take away my health insurance – Terrorism!

    Terrorism is an act that not only instills fear in others, but suggests that further acts will follow unless some desired end is met.

    Vandalizing a hummer may instill a fear in other area hummer owners that their car may be next, this is true, but do the hummer owners truly fear for their lives or the lives of their loved ones? Or just fear damage to their hummers?

    On the grand scale of “terrorism threats” to the US, so called “eco-terrorism” is very very low and shouldn’t take feds off of their focus on political terrorism a la al qaida. The only reason, in my humble opinion, that eco-terrorism is given such a high priority with the feds is because of the property damage to corporations involved in logging, mining, and other scorched earth industries.

  5. I would say its those industries that are the terrorists. I saw a docu. on the renewed uranium industry (it will solve global warming don’t you know) and the carnage of human lives and to the water table was terrorism indeed.

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