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Hott for Hill

It looks like we have one more video in the Real YouTube Debate, Hott for Hill. 


7 responses to “Hott for Hill

  1. jody

    Nate, you keep this up an I’m gonna do a video about YOU. I swear to GAWD!
    uh-oh, too late.
    I’m singin’ ’bout NATE

    If you can’t seem to sleep, yeah it’s gettin’ real late,
    You can troll ’round the blogs, lookin’ for sumthin’ great…
    You’ll find some of the Dems and you’ll see some of dose
    You’ll read lots of crap and find it pretty much blows

    But if you want to see something greaaaaaaaaaat
    Go find Nate.

    Oh yeah, who makes Demowhores persperaaaaaaaaaaaate?
    Baby, it’s Nate.

  2. babblemur

    If this election comes down to rogue music videos we will be swearing in our first african american president in January 2009.

    These videos are going down hill. (was that a pun?)

  3. I predicted long ago it would be a Hillobama ticket, and I think that still holds. The Chicago Tribune just had an editorial strongly encouraging Hillary to put Obama on the ticket. This just all seems so early.

  4. babblemur

    I don’t think she will. It may make sense, but I don’t think they see eye to eye on very many issues. I would expect her to go with a DLC “tactical” pick like Richardson who would boost the dems chances in NM, NEV, COLO, ARIZ, all of which are either fence sitters or leaning slightly Rep. Plus I can imagine the ribbing the dems will get from the reps by having a woman and a black man on their ticket. They will loose both the mysogynists and the racists.

    But I am not convinced Clinton will get the nomination – although I bet she pulls every string and calls in every favor to do so. Obama and Edwards are not backing down, and they both have both the money and the supporters to stay in the race for the long haul. This could come down to the convention to select the nominee, and it could be the same for the Reps.

  5. She’ll go with Obama for the money. We probably see Obama differently, I would position him to the right of Hillary. They are both DLC Dems with some tactical differences. Look at the current news cycle, they said pretty much the same thing in reference to talking with the bad guys but its turned into a major policy difference. I think Richardson would be more of a liability than an asset in those states.

  6. jody

    I don’t think either of thsoe two stand a real chance of WINNING which is way different than “getting attention and cash”.

    Too Much Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing. The party is raising lots of “nervous cash” but I’m not sure the confidence is there from the swing voters and certainly the right is as entrenched as ever. Judging by the letters etc I read from normal people (not the political junkies on blogs etc.) the normal guy does not spend that much time on issues deliberatio, is still making instinctual, emotional, even kind of nostalgic judgements. Conservatism is still very strong, that’s what I see anyway. A more moderate old-fashioned type Republican could really clean up IMHO ( should they be able to find one). And did you know there’s a movement within the Reps to “take back their party” from the extremists? And they’re sure not going to take the “Dem Sweeps” lying down either. A calm calculated mild re-alignment of the Republican party could really lock things up with Bob and LeAnn from Nebraska if ya see what I mean. “George meant well, he just got a little over-enthusiastic. But these are tough times we’re in, etc”

    This country is still to racist and too sexist to elect either of those two. Life is just a big TV show, and when the casting call is for “president” the director just won’t be seein’ Obamania or Hillarity. They look more like supporting cast and I think that’s how lots of people will react in the voting booth. ‘S what I think.

  7. Jody,

    You may be right in the general.

    I think Obama will be lucky to come in third in Iowa. Money is not votes, in particular, because only about 15% vote in the primary (a wonderful case for IRV).

    I think 08 will be a serious 3 or 4 some. The left, right, and center all feel betrayed by the duopoly system.

    I think a moderate would actually keep the more emotional conservative types home. They may go Dem if like 06 a class framing resonates. This is why Edwards seems to do better with so called Republican voters than Hillobama. He speaks a class language – populism – that resonates with the group of folks that vote Republican on cultural issues.

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