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The Biggest Elephant in the State

Uppity Wisconsin

Raemisch is a former Dane County sheriff who was appointed by then Gov. Tommy Thompson, was later elected to the post as a Republican, and ran unsuccessfully for Dane County DA on the GOP ticket, too. (Yes, he’s also a lawyer.) He had been deputy corrections secretary.

Xoff wonders why it has escaped the media’s attention that Doyle just appointed a Republican to his cabinet. Why would that be surprising? The irony is the Capital Times recently had to qualify Doyle as a Democrat when speaking of his opposition to the Senate’s health care plans. The point is when you walk like a duck, talk a duck, it should come as no surprise when you appoint like a duck.

How many times have we heard the media talking about Republicans and Governor Doyle stopping this or that Democratic initiative. Look at the recent piece in the Capital Times about those big donor who oppose health care reform and where their money goes. The fact of the matter is Doyle, as much as any other Republican, has his money in the health care obstructionists cookie jar.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign states,

Wealthy special interests that oppose a universal health care system – like the one in the Senate Democrats’ proposed 2007-09 state budget – have contributed nearly $2 of every $3 raised in the past four election cycles by Republicans who control the Assembly, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

And, Democratic Governor Jim Doyle, who does not support the Senate’s health care plan, accepted 48 percent of his large individual and political action committee contributions from 1999 through 2006 from special interests that oppose the plan.

Yes it is a sad state of affairs when any political party get 2/3 of its money from those who oppose universal health care reform. But, that can’t compare to a sitting Demopublican governor who stabs his own political party in the back for $7.5 million of anti universal health care money. Mr. Doyle tells us he lives in the real world, yet that world includes accepting millions of dollars sabotaging reforms that the Wisconsin people so desperately need.

So no, it is not news when a Demopublican governor appoints a Republican to his cabinet. What would be news is if that same governor actually came out supporting the health care reform put forward by his party. In other words, its only newsworthy when Doyle acts like a Democrat.


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  1. Peter ⋅

    Don’t be disingenuous. Doyle, who does not support the Senate plan (which I do) because he knows it is politically DOA in this session – not because of any ideological bent – has proposed his own plan that covers up to 98% of the Wisconsin population. It’s probably easier to think of the Doyle’s 98% plan as the stepping stone to the Senate plan. I would rather go right to the Senate plan, but Doyle has his own proposal.

    Don’t be silly enough to think that politicians don’t live by their ego at least in part, if not in primacy. But also don’t be snowed by your own propaganda to think that Jim Doyle is some kind of GOP conservative hack. He’s not the most liberal Democrat and he’s not the leader in the progressive movement that a re-elected Democratic governor in Wisconsin should be – but he is indeed a Democrat, and especially this term he has governed like one.

  2. Give me a fucking break. 1/2 of his large contributions ( which BTW is where most of his money comes from) come from industries that are fighting the senate health care plan.

    Maybe its easier for you to believe the lies of incrementalism but the truth of the matter is in the money. He got a $7.5 million dollars (3 million more than the assembly Republicans) bribe to stop universal health care. This is about a criminally corrupt governor selling out the interests of the people to the money interests.

    So, you’re story is that while Doyle got almost twice the amount of money than the Republicans to kill the senate bill, he’s doing it for tactical reasons not the money.

    Thank you for showing your true democratic colors. And think, you crooks want us to believe you are the lessor evil.

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