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Food Security

Presently, the FDA is able to inspect about one percent of food shipments into the U.S. What can consumers do? Start yelling at your Senators and Representatives. This is one issue they are afraid to duck if the heat is on them. Second, buy from farmers and other producers near you, so you can skip the long chain of middlemen from China to your area who could have caught the problem but just pass the buck, so to speak

Ralph is right on this one. A few months ago I started buying my meat and dairy from Artisan Foods Delivered and I have been very happy with that choice. When I grab a jar of hot relish, a carton of eggs, or a whole chicken I know the exact farm these products came from.



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  1. lamarguerite ⋅

    My husband and I just started this new custom of preparing a gourmet lunch for ourselves and some of our friends every Sunday, following our weekly trip to the local farmers’ market. What a pleasure it has been! The food tastes so incredibly fresh, and there is something very satisfying about having met the very people who have grown and nurtured our food. It brings me back to my days as a child on my grandparents’ farm in France, when there we lived from the land. In my opinion, many of the solutions to the current climate crisis, involve re-inventing some of the old ways.

  2. Yes, and as I mentioned in another comment a radical localism. There is no reason for a head of lettuce to travel around the world and back when we can get it in our local communities.

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