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Another Mayor puts in hat for Prez

Dissident Voice

AP, San Francisco: San Francisco Mayor Matt Gonzalez announced his campaign for the Green Party nomination for President today. He is expected to encounter only token opposition at the Green Party nominating convention in July. A likely running mate is Georgia representative Cynthia McKinney, according to Green Party officials.

I guess this is a spoof, do you get the funny?


8 responses to “Another Mayor puts in hat for Prez

  1. jody

    Needs a new hairstyle.

  2. Jef Hall

    Democratic Party Member Gavin Newsom is Mayor of San Fransisco.

    Matt Gonzalez lost to him in the last election. He was the President of the SF Board of Supervisors, but did not stand for re-election after he lost the Mayor’s race.

    He does not currently hold elected office.

    This story is either false or very poorly researched.

  3. babblemur


    Reading through the comments on that story, I’m questioning its “truthiness”. I haven’t been able to verify it through a second source yet.

    But let me add that Matt Gonzalez would be a great ticket addition, for Prez or VP.

  4. Jef, certainly all you said is true. I took the reference to him as mayor in the similar vein we refer tom Clinton or Bush 1 as Pres.

    But, it looks like it was suppose to be a piece of satire. Can we agree neither of us thought it was funny.

  5. Jef Hall

    “I took the reference to him as mayor in the similar vein we refer tom Clinton or Bush 1 as Pres.”

    Except that he was never Mayor. He was the head of the Council, but never Mayor.

  6. Your right. I think I was confusing him with Jason West.

  7. Oh, the truthiness (Colbert) is all there, its the truthfulness that’s the problem. The article is part of a series of posts examining a scenario of the Greens taking power in Washington.

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