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Doyle Cleared (NOT)

Well, like many Wisconsin progressive (no not the Hillary variety) I was optimistic when the corporate media declared Doyle cleared of wrong doing. For a moment, I was relieved that Governor Doyle never accepted bribes from energy companies. That of course did not last long, it was not that he was cleared of accepting bribes but rather,

JS Online: After a thorough investigation, we have not found any evidence linking campaign donations to Governor Doyle to the PSC decision to approve the sale of the Kewaunee nuclear power plant.

Doyle is gleeful that unlike 2 years ago, today there is a Republican Attorney General who can apply Republican ethical standards to his crimes against the people.  If its Thompson, Troha, or energy companies the message is loud and clear, bribery and extortion are sanctioned at the highest levels of state government.

If a police officer was to apply Doyle ethical standards, it would not be a crime to accept a $200 bribe if the officer irregardless of the bribe decided not to give you a ticket. So, yes I guess Doyle technically is cleared of violating laws designed to protect corrupt, unethical politicians, but as Mike McCabe stated,

I just think when key decisions are made, there just shouldn’t be fundraisers held that are sponsored by utilities that have a stake in the decision. Even if the behavior is legal, it doesn’t make it right.

I could not have said it better myself. There are crimes against the state (legality) and crimes against the people. It should come as no surprise that Doyle was cleared of laws written by corrupt politicians like himself. What does came as a surprise is that with a straight face these politicians see nothing wrong with extorting bribes from corporate interests even as they are voting on those interests in the current session.  


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  1. folkbum

    So let me get this straight: If a Democratic AG clears Doyle, it’s corrupt cronyism or something. If a Republican AG clears Doyle, it’s Doyle benefitting from corrupt Republican standards.

    What if Doyle didn’t do anything wrong?

  2. Jay,

    I don’t think Doyle accepting bribes (donations) from energy companies is in doubt.

    I say its wrong, unethical, immoral, and corrupt for him to do so. Just as it is for Democrats and Wineke to accept large amounts of money from TV4US, or Doyle and Republicans to accept money from those interests against universal healthcare. If they need to raise money for elected office fine, but certainly not when the people’s business is in session.

  3. Bill Williams ⋅

    So Doyle holds a fundraiser and the next day the PSC votes down the sale of the nuclear plant. Doesn’t it seem like the utility execs are stupid to be giving Doyle money in that situation? Stupid and corrupt are hardly the same thing.

    And you really need to fact check yourself. Wineke was working for AT&T, not TV4US. Don’t make yourself look uninformed by being sloppy.

  4. Bill,

    Doyle’s stupidity was irrelevant. The fact is the energy companies kept giving until the decision was reversed.

    It is NOT my position that Doyle is corrupt because PSC made a decision it would not have otherwise. My position is Doyle is corrupt because he accepted money from special and corporate interests while the peoples business was in session.

    TV4US is a front group for AT&T interests. Wineke was hired as a AT&T lobbiests to make sure the so called consumer choice bill got through. They are one and the same. Lets not play stupid, we both know Wineke was hired as a lobbiest to get the Dems on board with AT&T’s special interests.

  5. Bill Williams ⋅

    Doyle’s stupidity?

    Doyle has no control over the PSC – it is an independent body that hears cases and makes decisions. Doyle corrupt is laughable. All the charges, all the allegations have amounted to nothing. This is a man who has served the state for over three decades and has never had one ethical lapse. If you can’t realize the partisans nature (on both sides of the aisle) that was going on in the last election, then you are more naive than you seem in your writing.

    My statement about Wineke stands. He was hired by AT&T, not TV4US. You just make yourself look unimpformed and sloppy when you miss the simple facts. You can argue all you want about them being the same thing, doesn’t change the fact that you were wrong.

    And while I am at it, what is so wrong with the bill they are advancing? Cable is an anti-union monopoly that can raise prices at will on people. They have raised prices nearly a 100% in under 10 years. So Wineke is working for another large corporation that wants to bring competition that at a minimum, would slow down price increases, but would probably afford some sort of price break. Also, AT&T is a union company that has invested in thousands of union jobs in every state around us when this bill passed.

    Since when did Democrats become the anti-union, pro-monopoly party?

  6. Calling Doyle ethical is like calling Bush a man of peace. Its Orwellian pure and simple. Doyle has not been cleared of one ethical lapse, although several legal ones.

    Bill, maybe its true that you can’t fix stupid. TV4U$ is a front group for AT&T interests. Any hair splitting you want to do does not cut it in the real world. I assume you yourself are a lobbiest of some sort. Why someone from Virginia has such interest in Doyle and this bill I am not sure.

    Yes, you are right about cable which is exactly why they are NOT fighting this bill. They will benefit greatly, sadly with increased charges, if this bill becomes law. There is nothing stopping AT&T, or any other company from going to head with cable right now. It is not competition that is at at stake but democracy and local accountability.

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