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Demowhores get on their Knees for Bush

Someone please help me out here. Last week Gonzo was up on Capital Hill and looked the U.S. Senate in the eye and lied. Gonzo lied to the U.S. Senate and how did they respond. Did they impeach him? No. Did they censure him? No. They voted 60 to 28 to expand the exact powers he was misusing. The message the U.S. Senate sent to Gonzo was simple, if you abuse the powers given to you on behalf of the American people, we will expand them.

Dictator Bush, in Hitler like fashion, sent orders down to the U.S. House and Senate to approve his spying program or face the consequences.

Wash Post The legislation, which is expected to go before the House today, would expand the government’s authority to intercept without a court order the phone calls and e-mails of people in the United States who are communicating with people overseas.

The requirements that a foreigner be from al Qaeda or even the ill defined category of terrorist no longer exists. At least with a phone call there are some reasonable assumption a U.S.citizen has some knowledge when they are talking to someone oversees. With email its a little different, if I get a spam from Nigeria does that constitute communication? If so, would the government be limited from only ease dropping on that particular communication, or will all of my communication become part of the government data base. The law would only require that foreign intelligence gathering be a “significant purpose” of the installation.  So in essence the government could order the nation’s backbone providers to let the government turn the internet into one giant monitoring device and examine internet traffic for signs of copyright infringement, domestic political dissent, pornography and parking ticket violators, so long as the NSA’s computer algorithms also scan packets for the term “Al Qaeda.”

This bill has nothing to due with stopping terrorism or al Qaeda, if it did the spying would have been limited to terrorist organizations, which the Bush administration rejected outright. This bill is about expanding the powers of a conservative nanny state.  I am absolutely sickened that 60 U.S. Senators turned their back on the American people. Some of these Senators, like Jim Webb, were held up as the great Democratic hope, but when push came to shove they simply got on their knees in Lieberman like fashion (HT Bill O’Really I searched Google and even Daily Kos for this image with no luck. I am just lucky Bill still had it on his Fox site.)


The (send him some ping pong balls quick) Senate Majority leader in responding to White House criticism that the spy bill was not moving fast enough responded by stating, I can’t control Feingold. Feingold, one of the good guys, addressed this issue gallantly last week in the Fox hole. Here is a video from Olbermann that takes on the issue of expanded spying powers.


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  1. jody

    The Democrats said they voted for this increase in abuse of power because they were afraid that the Republicans would make them look weak on national defense if they did not. This proves one thing beyond all doubt, and for the umpty-billionth time. The Democrats are weak. Or perhaps even that they are beyond weak, and are active aiders-and-abetters, instrumental in bringing about national neo-con reforms by making a lot of showboating noise and false resistance but accomplishing nothing.

    In the above scenario, the Republicans are in charge, 100%. If leaders vote based on fear, then they are weak. If you cannot stand up to someone because you are afraid of what they will say in response, then you are weak. The Republicans do not have to SAY that the Democrats are weak BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS PROVE IT THEMSELVES. Just now, when they voted like sissies, like a bunch of women afraid of gossip, who cares what’s really going on, what their responsiblities are or the right thing to do – what will they SAY about us at the Church Social?

    But it doesn’t matter what the Republicans say at all. People feel let down by this kind of behavior, they see it for themselves. I was skeptical that the Dem sweep would amount to anything because of the way Dems themselves talked and behaved on the local and national level during the past campaign season. They were so dependent upon b.s. and not really grounded in principles. I didn’t think they showed enough inner conviction to withstand the difficulties of going up against these highly motivated and take-no-prisoners Republicans. People were saying insane things like “now the adults are in charge” about the Dem sweep, which is obviously completely false.

    Clearly these people don’t have it. It’s a runaway train we are looking at. Our nation is undergoing rapid and drastic structural change that is going to set the tone for the globe. The change is orchestrated by people who think the constitution is a Cliff’s Notes version of the Bible. And the people who might (might) be able to do something about that are afraid of criticism from the people who are taking things over and re-working everything our nation is founded upon. Of course they will criticize.

    The practical voter and citizen had better prepare themselves for more of the same. And more and more and more. Or live in denial, and hope for “a better election next time” or (god forbid) MORE Dems (so MORE people can capitulate)

    Last fall I asked a lobbyist “with the war and the economy and torture and civil rights and the environment and everything that’s going so wrong – WHY are WI Democrats pumping up this healthcare thing so much?”
    and he said “because the people need something to feel good about and to think about at the local level”. I must have gotten an interesting expression on my face at that point – he looked immediately like he wished like hell he hadn’t said that. Now I just think the Healthcare thing is a funny joke played on WI voters. Nothing will happen but diverted energy while other things continue to crumble.

    Anyway, I don’t beleive in these people anymore Nate. It just feels too bad to get your hopes up that someone will do what they say they’re going to do and then find out that was all a trick to get a really important job with power and perks. And that they don’t even DO that job, but spend all their time making sure they KEEP that job. It would be more appropriate to play “Taps” than the National Anthem anymore. And I’m sorry, but if the Dems are ineffective and cannot protect the constitutiona nd basic principles that our nation was founded up[on (NOT the Bible) the Greens do not have a chance, nor the Libertarians, nor any bullshit revolutionaries that may appear down the road. The Dems have all the money, history and support and power they need to safeguard our nation. if they can not/will not then no one can.

    You started this post with “Someone please help me out here”
    Ain’t nobody gonna help us out Nate. And you and I can’t do shit.

  2. You are certainly right about the weak characteristic.

    The only hope I have is a radical localism. One where more power is given at the city and county level and taken away from the federal and state level.

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