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Unions Responsible for Mine Disaster

Here is what that slimy, slithering, no good son of a bitch said about the Utah mine disaster.

While Murray thinks unions are anti-American and akin to terrorists, the mine in question had 325 citations with 116 considered significant and substantial.

Retreat mining, the type of mining used in Utah, is the most dangerous (most deaths) type of mining in the United States. This was not good enough for Murray, he sees retreat mining as something invented by the Mine Workers Union because his mine was not unionized. Murray even attempted to blame the mine disaster on an earthquake when it was actually the cave in which was responsible for the seismic activity.

There is no question that Murray is criminally negligent, the only thing I wonder is if it was cold blooded  murder. I would like to know if any of the trapped miners had contact with the United Mine Workers is the last few months.  If you think those accusations are crazy, here are two Woody Guthrie songs to enlighten you.


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  1. These miners are exploited. Why not provide the dudes with a cell phone or a communicative device? Oh I know, costs too much.

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