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Hypothetical My Ass

Rock the Vote asked a simple question of the candidates. Will you support opening up the debates to all national candidates. This is Hillary’s response.

One can’t get any less hypothetical than will you or will you not support having third parties and independent candidates in the general election debates.  You either support voters having greater choices or you don’t. Maybe this should be her new theme song.

Obama’s position is even more pathetic.

It looks like Obama needs to go back and get a little schooling. There  is nothing in our form of government that requires a winner take all system. A state may very well decide to split their electoral votes by congressional district like California is currently debating.   States may also, like Colorado entertained some time back, split up the electoral college through proportional representation. Obama is also wrong about a third party or independent needing the 270 electoral votes. They may only need 1 or 2 electoral votes to create real change. Maybe this should be his new theme song.