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Left of Center

A few days ago Babblemur posted a Political Compass grid of where the primary candidates fit politically. Not so surprisingly most are in the the upper right authoritarian quadrant. It is precisely because our politics are so center right that Democrats can play the lesser of two evils card.  Personally I think the evil of two lessors is more accurate.  In fact, the American political context reminds me of the blind man parable.    

Four blind men come across an elephant. They decide to feel the elephant to determine what sort of creature it is. One blind man feels the back leg of the elephant. He says, “An elephant is like a tree.” The second blind man feels the trunk. He says, “An elephant is like a snake.” The third blind man feels the tail. He says, “An elephant is like a rope.” The fourth blind man is afraid. He doesn’t feel the elephant at all.

Too often the American political scene never goes deeper that the back of the leg. Like the blind men, Democrats and Republicans argue which is worse the tree, trunk, or the snake. What Political Compass allows is for us to see our political context in a less partial way. 

Babblemur asked about where Wisconsin left of center bloggers would fit on this grid. I reconstructed this from memory but believe its pretty accurate.