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The American Labor Day

World May Day and American Labor Day:

The American Labor Day, on the contrary, was a “gift” which the workers received from their masters, the capitalists, through the capitalist politicians. That first Monday in the month of September was made a legal holiday under the name of Labor Day, at first by the legislature of one state some thirty years ago; the politicians of other states followed the clever example, so that at present Labor Day is a legal holiday all over the country.

A vampire, when he settles down upon the body of a sleeping person and sucks its blood, is known to fan his victim with his wings. to soothe the victim’s pain, and to prevent him from waking up and driving the vampire away. So was the Labor Day created by the political agents of the American capitalists to fan the sleeping giant, the American working class, while the capitalists are sucking its blood.

And in other news, my son recently bought me a You Know You’re a Democrat / Republican If book, so here’s a pair that is timely.

You know you’re a Republican if you think every Democrat is a closet Communist.

You know you’re a Democrat if you think every Republican is closeted.