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Tommy Done Good

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RocktheDebates has been asking each leading Democratic and Republican presidential candidate if he or she would participate in an inclusive general election debate, were he or she the nominee. Tommy Thompson dropped out of the Republican race on August 12. However, for the record, he gave a good response to the question on August 9. He said, “I’ll debate anybody. My brother ran as a Libertarian (for Governor of Wisconsin in 2002). I tried to talk him out of it…but he did…and he needed a chance to debate, but he didn’t get a chance to debate. He had a lot of ideas…I don’t think the framers of the Constitution wanted that (debate exclusion) to happen.”

Its kind of funny in a world of Demopublicans and NeoCrybabies, a Republican from yesterday year can make some pretty good sense.


2 responses to “Tommy Done Good

  1. Ben Masel ⋅

    Tommy refused any debates when I ran against him in the 1990 Republican Primary for Governor.

  2. Yes, you are right. But, in all fairness that’s along time ago and opinions on issues like this change over time. It certainly appears his brother being a Lib has had some effect on his opinion.

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