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Poor Wisconsin Businesses

JS Online:

QPS Cos., a Brookfield staffing company, said today that its survey of 245 employers in Wisconsin and northern Wisconsin found that 55% say it’s difficult or extremely difficult to fill job openings. According to QPS, top issues identified by respondents included lack of qualified employees(48%), lack of skilled employees (32%)

Wah, wah, wah. In other words the employers are unwilling to pay a livable wage. Why is it that the supply and demand of the free market is gospel except for when labor is concerned. You can’t on the one hand pay bottom of the barrel wages and then complain they are not skilled or qualified.


3 responses to “Poor Wisconsin Businesses

  1. kr

    Nail has been hit squarely on the head.

  2. There is this added contradiction, they will say there are no skilled employees yet at the same time over 200 employees apply for a single job.

    And don’t get me started with labor price fixing. If you are a business that decides to raise your wages, you will get tons of calls from angry businessmen and women. Now, if we were talking about commodities, this would be illegal, but not with labor.

  3. Mpeterson

    One reason, I assume, is because employers are finally becoming comfortable with racial and gender equality but are utterly resistant — to the point of hysteria — to economic equalities. :^)


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