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Dumb and Dumber

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“The sanctions mean that when Florida Democrats go to the polls next January — and they will go to the polls — their votes for a presidential nominee won’t determine the allocation of delegates to the convention,” Nelson and Hastings wrote in the letter. “This decision punishes the state’s 4.2 million Democrats, though it was the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature that moved the primary date forward.”

The Democratic Party like any free, private, organization has every right to set the rules state parties must follow.  Just because its ones right doesn’t make it smart. It seems to me that if you are a small D Democrat like Dean claims to be, you’d put more faith in the state infrastructure.

In a letter to the DNC, the Florida Democrats were willing to let the four designated states jump ahead of their January 29th date, and willing to wait until March to have their vote ratified at the state convention. Howard Dean refused both of these gestures and stated unless a caucus or vote by mail was utilized the delegates would not be seated.

It seems to me the Democratic Party has already decided that Florida is unnecessary to win the White House. If Florida Democrats want their votes counted, their only option is to vote third party or Republican. Why would the DNC want to encourage thousands of voters to vote for an opposing party in what might be a close 2008 election.