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Dems First Big Win

Truthdig –

President Bush may not have done his party any favor in the coming elections by exercising his veto privilege—the fourth time he’s done so—to deep-six a bipartisan bill passed by Congress that would have renewed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The Democrats got their first big win today and they should feel proud. Bush decided to draw the line in the sand over children’s health care. This particular bill had broad Republican and Democratic support. This is the first time since the Democrats took control they have been able to isolate the Texas weasel.

We will see in the next few weeks if this was a Demofluke or if the Democrats will send win him an identical bill, and then another, and another. We will see if the Democrats have the balls and the brains to force the Texas weasel to veto children’s health care all the way to the 2008 general election.

So, in the next few weeks we’ll have to see the Democrats stand firm or cave in once more to the lame duck from Texas. History is not on their side, but maybe there is some divine intervention on the horizon.