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Demowhores push Job Killing Bill

The Invisible Culture of Corruption

Forty-three former Democratic officeholders signed this letter, which demands Congress pass trade deals with Peru, Panama and Colombia  pacts that will expand the job-killing, wage-destroying North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The letter employs a corporate lobbyist’s smooth touch. As I learned, that is no coincidence.


2 responses to “Demowhores push Job Killing Bill

  1. Peter ⋅

    These are the same tactics used by the right. Pick out egregious examples of Democrats acting poorly and apply it to all of them.

    The rank-and-file of my party and the bulk of the leaders and electeds think free trade sucks and they’re working hard to stop more deals and roll back the old ones. Get rid of the holier-than-thou attitude, and work on getting pro-fair trade people elected and accepting leadership on the issue.

    Liberals and progressives need radicals for sure – this I understand and embrace. But nobody to the left of whatever the hell the center is needs irrationality and needless faux-accountability checks from pundits and the like who are casting stones inside of a very glass house.

    I was at a house party and potluck out in Mount Horeb last night and two lefty leftist-types for whom I have nothing but the utmost respect were there, an older couple. The gentleman of the couple spoke for a few minutes to make sure that this crowd of people, inclusive of Greens, independents, Democrats, liberals, leftists, and progressives (a real Fighting Bob Fest kind of crowd actually) understood where he was coming from and what he thought people needed to keep in mind as they worked to affect local, state, and national politics.

    He said that anyone who thinks there isn’t a difference between the parties hasn’t been paying attention to American politics for very long – or was being willfully ignorant.

    There is a big difference between my party and the GOP. And when we get a chance to take back our party and our country (working on both of those right now), it will be a mighty fine day. But until then, don’t smear me and don’t smear my party because of a few corrupt individuals. Republicans are bad because their principles and ideas are bad. Democrats have the right ideas and principles, but some don’t stand up on them. But we’re still different parties and that still matters.

  2. What the fuck are you talking about. These guys are Demowhores because they are Democratic lobbyists.

    If the bulk of the party thinks free trade sucks why do they keep supporting it again and again. These are rarely close bills and have overwhelming Democratic support.

    The vast majority of Dems are K-Streeters willing to sacrifice the needs of the people for corporate profits.

    Democrats have no principles, just look at the corrupt Republican, sorry Demopublican, we have as governor. On core economic issues there is a dimes worth of difference between the two. They are not identical, but simply give a choice of where you want to get screwed.

    The fact that all 43 ex Democratic politicians pushing for free trade legislation are lobbyists is a telling fact. Feingold is the exception not the norm, it is a fantasy to assume otherwise.

    Just look at the Demowhores who are the Democratic front runners. Obama who is titillating liberals as of late, voted for that horrid bankruptcy bill that screwing over thousands of homeowners.

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