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Are You Frickin Serious?

I am speechless. We can’t censure an Attorney General who spies on American citizens. We can’t censure a Vice President who puts our national security at risk by outing a covert CIA agent. We can’t censure a President who lies to us and puts American troops in harms way through an illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional war. But we have no problem censuring a Democrat to speaks the truth about that cynical son of a Bush we have in the White House.

Democrat Escapes Censure

By 196 to 173, the House voted to table a resolution to censure Mr. Stark, who is chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health, for what he said as the House sustained President Bush’s veto of a bill to expand a children’s health insurance program.

If the Republicans, I hope no Democrat voted against tabling, can get 173 votes to censure a Democrat for simply having the balls to be a truthteller, why can’t more Democrats grow some balls to censure Bush, Cheney, or  Gonzalez. But I guess I am just, picking out egregious examples of Democrats acting poorly and applying it to all of them. Yea fucking right.

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  1. figures ⋅

    Heaven forbid! I’d never expect OPPOSITION in a REPUBLIC! I mean, c’mon, our government is not for the good of the people, it’s to screw them over by giving power to the few, unconcodtionally! (sarcasm)

    Interesting read. Thanks for posting….

  2. No problem. When I first heard of a censure, I laughed, I never imagined it would make it to a vote.

    Well I guess if a little Dem can be censured, Bush, Cheney and Co are fair game.

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