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Beck This!

The troops will be coming home soon, this is how I got there.

For years we have been told by Neo Crybabies, we gotta fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. The idea is that if we let the bad guys kill all our troops in Iraq, they won’t come over here and do another 911. Yes, I know its sounds like we’re giving into the terrorists, but oh well.

Fox News seems to be pushing a line that al Qaeda is behind those California wild fires. It turns out it may be a case of arson and in 2003 the CIA got information on a possible wild fire strike on American soil.

It seems that we are not safe even will those sacrificial lambs in Iraq. Since al Qaeda is attacking us on American soil, we no longer have an excuse to put troops lives at risk for Bush’s amusment. Censure that!