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Mother Clinton

(HT – Stop Me Before I Vote Again ) This was left as a comment on one of Michael’s recent posts. Wonderful poem and so on target. I love the last lines, this seems an ordeal like staying after school for bad boys only

mother clinton

is still timber tall
and ready for a topple

only adjustment
the party core
has no need of a winner
the repugs are such losers

so she’s looking more
like a nixon 68 avatar
then a musky 72

those long long ears
and squalid hack-ass bray
means one thing and one thing only
fuckin 40 mule team wall street
is roundin the bend
toward the white house home stretch
way way earlier then sanity admits
and at this rate
it’ll be a slowmotion
spine bending spectacle
like waiting
for the private parts
of an obscene ice sculpture
to melt ……in a freezer

taking the ride with hillary ….


its to be
the blouse and louse legion
all the way to next november

this seems an ordeal
like staying after school

for bad boys only