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Doyle’s Healthcare Incompetance

The Daily Page – Cut off from BadgerCare, again

Twice in the last year, Ochs and her son have been kicked off of BadgerCare. Both times, she says, it was through no fault of her own.

I lean towards a single payer, universal health care system. I have also thought, because of the complete incompetence at the federal level, the state might be the best mechanism to deliver this universal, single payer health care system.

The righties always like to point out that government is incapable of running our health care. It seems like they may have a valid point after all. This is not the only case, it is rather typical for families to lose Badger Care two or three times a year.

A visitor to this site about a year ago explained it was so bad she had to call her case manager before taking her child to the doctor. The on again – off again was so common that she never knew when her and her son would be covered. Like the women in the Isthmus story, not checking could be a costly mistake.

If Democrats want the people of Wisconsin to trust them on health care, the need to be the bug up Doyle’s ass that will force him to fix Badger Care. We can start by getting rid of these silly premiums which tend to be a primary cause of folks getting kicked out of the program. Then, put the burden of proof on the state, in which a formal hearing must take place before someone can be removed from Badger Care.

At this time even a socialist leaning guy like me has deep reservations about trusting the Doyle administration with something as precious as our state’s health care.