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Thank God for Republican Balls

Capitol Briefing

Led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the long-shot anti-war candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, scores of Democrats were joined by scores of Republicans in initially supporting a Kucinich resolution that would have prompted a full debate on impeaching Cheney.

While it seems many Democrats are still running around as castrated fools, thank god the Republicans were able to give Kucinich theirs. It looks like Dennis’ impeachment resolution will at least be discussed in committee, after the castrated Dems failed at tabling his resolution indefinitely.

The Republican voted against tabling the motion because they wanted it discussed in front of the full congress. Geeze, if only we had some Democrats with that can do attitude. But no, voting to censure a truth telling Democratic congressman is entirely acceptable, but voting to impeach a back stabbing, constitution burning, freedom hating, CIA outing, citizen spying Vice president is intolerable.

Every time I turn around the Democrats are becoming more and more pathetic. I am just holding my breath. Tomorrow the Peru Free (Not) Trade Agreement comes up for a vote, will the Democrats sell out one more time, or will they grow some balls.


3 responses to “Thank God for Republican Balls

  1. Peter ⋅

    Is it reasonable to lump together ALL Democrats on every issue?

    No, just like it’s not reasonable to do that with the Greens or the Socialists or whatever.

    The progressive Democrats are fighting to regain power in the party, to win elections, and build something larger. And a majority of the Democratic caucus voted against the PFTA.

    It’s the Clintons and Obamas of the world that voted for it, not the Edwardses.

  2. Peter ⋅

    Also, don’t be naive enough to think that Republicans were “doing the right thing” here. They want impeachment on the floor to highlight how batshit crazy they think Kucinich is.

    DK says what a lot of us think in principle is correct, but he’s so damn annoying about it that he’ll never get a fair hearing. And he’s an absolutist and unable to build common ground consensus with others who generally think the same way as he does on any number of issues.

  3. Peter,

    Edwards opposition to free trade, like the Patriot Act and the War in Iraq, are new. In all honesty I don’t trust any three of them, they are all corporate toadies. Edwards may be the worst of the three in that he has a much bigger disconnect between words and deeds that the other two. He supported the War in Iraq, authored the Patriot Act, and waffled on free trade while in the Senate.

    As far as Dennis he has been able to find common ground on many issues, from NAFTA to the WTO. Who he hasn’t found common ground with is corporate America, is that what you meant.

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