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Robertson Chooses Bin Laden Fetus

Rudy Giuliani wins endorsement of Pat Robertson

The thrice-married, pro-choice Rudy Giuliani won the endorsement Wednesday of Pat Robertson, the conservative televangelist who blamed 9/11 on God’s wrath over abortionists, pornography and “rampant secularism.”

Recently on an episode of Bill Maher, Andrew Sullivan proclaimed he would like to ask the religious zealots this question. If you could go back in time and had the opportunity to abort a Bin Laden fetus, would you do it? For a socially conservative Christian Zionist this is a very problematic question. Would their social conservatism hold true and the sanctity of life remain supreme, or would their Christian Zionist side prevail with a fantasy of an end of days apocalypse.

Robertson chose to kill the fetus.  An end of days Christian Zionist nightmare was more powerful than the day to day struggles against moral ambiguity.