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Corporate Media Bias

Cap Times

But jogging past 4,300 makeshift tombstones and a coffin along Atwood Avenue in Olbrich Park on Sunday brought the reality of war home to the mother of two. “It brought tears to my eyes,” Craemer-Meihsner said this morning. “Especially the flag on the coffin, the symbol of a dead veteran. To think that that could be my brother.”

Isn’t this telling. Some pride the Capital Times as being one of the most liberal rags in the country, but in the end corporate media is corporate media.

The article talks about tombstones on Atwood Avenue but then leads with this photo.

Its a nice picture and all but what the hell does it have to do with story. What’s wrong with this picture,

or this one

or even this one.

This is corporate media bias to the nth degree.. I don’t think the Cap Times had these photos side by side and decided we will go with the old guys. No, even a local paper like the Capital Times, is so controlled by corporatism that photos used are purchased through AP, Reuters, or some other corporate source.  Even when writing a local story about local events they went with the photo that corporate media offered.