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A Christmas Miracle U.S.

Vice President Dick Cheney was found to have an irregular heartbeat during a medical evaluation this morning and is undergoing further testing at George Washington University Hospital, his spokeswoman said.

Now, I’m not getting my hopes up to high, but wouldn’t the end of Darth Vader be a Christmas Miracle.


4 responses to “A Christmas Miracle

  1. that’s a real classy thing to say. do you frequently wish for others’ demise?

  2. Thank you, classiness is my aim. My daughter and I were watching the news when they said Darth Vader’s ticker was out of sync.

    I saw the twinkle in her eye, then we both smiled for what could have been.

    Oh, but no Christmas miracle this year, the devil’s puppet master slips through one more time.

  3. not surprising. kids learn to be mean and angry from their parents.

  4. Mean has nothing to with it. JFC, are you telling me there would no joy in your heart when Hitler blew his head off.

    Most of the time we get the good, bad, and the ugly. Every now and then we are faced with evil in all its purity. Cheney fits this bill IMHO.

    I don’t think there is much human left in Cheney. When he does die, don’t worry I’ll celebrate like it was Reagan’s funeral.

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