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Progressive Radio My @$$

Rrrrrr. What’s a progressive guy to do. I though I’d be safe listening to Matt and Stu today, but no NeoCon fantasies filtered through. At least 3 times, but maybe as many as 5 times, the Clinton News Network propagandized that the Venezuelan referendum would allow Chavez be president to life.

This is a complete fabrication. There is no truth to it all. It would be like saying that under our constitution Governor Doyle, ex Governor Thompson, Senator Kohl and Feingold, and Congresswomen Baldwin were all elected for life. This is of course not unique to the United States, over half of the world’s democracies do not have term limits for their leaders.

The most controversial changes in this regard include the removal of the two-term limit on serving as president (art. 230). However, over half of the heads of government in the world have “sweeping power,” including some of the world’s most respected democracies, such as France, Germany, Britain, and Italy.

Spinning the lack of term limits as somehow akin to dictatorship is Neo Con propaganda at its worst. Ronald Reagan along with countless Republicans and Democrats have argued against term limits. Does this mean they were dictators or had directorship tendencies.

I tend to expect this sort of Neo Conservative propaganda on Fox News, but there is something about being bombed with this NeoCon propaganda on “progressive radio” that troubles me greatly. I guess in the end it does not matter if you listen to Rush or Ed, they are just the red meat to feed you your daily supply of Neo Conservative and Neo Liberal news.