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From Dust to Books

ABC News:

Ever since the film was commissioned – and even before shooting began – religious groups, particularly Catholicism were outraged, pegging “The Golden Compass” as a direct attack on organized religion,

First we have a teacher jailed for naming a Teddy Bear Mohammad, and now good ole American Christian fascists are having their turn.

Reminds me a little of the religious pervert who sees pornography in everything.  In this case the Christian fascists see the Catholic church in anything dark.

 As Lyra gets closer to her goal of reaching the Magisterium – located in the alternate universe of Bolvanger – she realizes that they have been capturing children, removing their souls and preventing them from being touched by “dust,” a substance that is eluded to be representative of the free will the Magisterium is trying to avoid and eliminate.

For some reason the Christian Fascists see similarities between the soul stealing of Magisterium and the workings of Christianity. Here is the irony, the Catholic League’s fear is,

parents who don’t know what’s actually in these books and don’t learn about it from the film may think [the books] are great stocking stuffers for their kids on Christmas morning,

Sounds to me a lot like the Magisterium keeping the children away from the dust – free will.