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Isthmus Time in the City

I am glad Ken Lonnquist produced this song. Go ahead give it a click and listen.

If you have read any Madison papers or forums as of late you’d think we were persecuting Christians in the a lion’s den. Talk about a frickin delayed reaction, it has been over 30 years since Madison has referred to it as a Christmas Tree.

This whole fake Christmas rage was started by Madison’s favorite Neocrybaby Scott Milfred. Scott’s whole premise is that the secular, liberal elite are so politically correct they are terrified to call the tree for what it is, a Christmas Tree.


The one problem with that thesis is the PCers of our day are not flaming liberals, but Neocrybabies. I have never heard a liberal take offense that Shopko or Wal-Mart referred to a sale as a Christmas sale, or Christmas Tree. On the other hand, I have heard PCers like Milfred and O’Reilly become enraged by a Holiday tree or sale.

For the record, my un PCness does not care if its called a Christmas Tree, an X-Mas Tree, a Festivus Tree, a Yule Tree, or an Isthmus Tree. I hope you spend time with family no matter what the name. It matters not one bit if you honor Jesus, Saturnus, Santa, or even Krumpus.