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A Few Interesting Maps

Thanks to Rebel Resource I stumbled upon the Worldmapper. Worldmapper resizes world maps based on criteria such as population, land area, or injury deaths. I found three maps that highlight toy imports, immigration, and military spending. Clicking on the image will open up a pdf data sheet with interesting background information.

Toy Imports : The opposite side of the coin – toy exports – balloon South East Asia, particularly China. Interestingly, the negative press on Chinese toys is even hitting Chinese consumers. My step father recently watched a report about the rise in the purchase of foreign goods by Chinese consumers.

Immigration: United States receives 37% of the world’s immigration. Again the other side of the coin, emigration, shows Mexico ballooned to such an extent that the United States and Canada are not visible.

2002 Military Spending


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  1. Carlos ⋅

    Updated my own cartogram maps link with the worldmapper site. thanks to you!

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