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Thank You Father Marxmas

Father Marx was good to me this year. I am forever indebted to my exploited comrades in China for making this an Apple Marxmas to remember. Not only were my Apple gifts made in China this year, but sent directly from the factory -to Hong Kong – to Alaska – to Tennessee – to Madison, WI.

As most parents, particularly fathers, realize they get the shaft at this time of year. While this is not bothersome in younger years, it does become so as they get older. Last year we began a new tradition of me withholding my kids allowances from November to January. I would use this money to buy myself a present, wrap it, and let the kids ponder what it was until Christmas Eve. This year they splurged, they shouldn’t have, and got me an Apple TV.


This has worked out great. Now all our home movies are accessible on the TV with a click of the Apple remote. It was also a great way to view and show family photos when folks came over for the holidays. And the best thing of all is it has transformed the way we watch YouTube. Now, rather than sit crowded by a computer screen we watch our favorite YouTube videos full screen on the family TV.

Prior to Marxmas with all the rate increases, Big Ten and NFL Network silliness, I said bye bye to Charter. Well actually I downgraded to basic for $15.00 a month. I could no longer rationalize spending $100 a month to channel surf 700 + channels.

Now, with an ever growing list of video pod casts, I get news from CNN, ABC, Fox, and sports from and the Big Ten Network. I can also get news from Go Left TV, Barely Political, and Comedy Central. Watch the video of me getting the news I want, the way I want.