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Reading Between the Lines

Nader Throws Support to Edwards –

Edwards is at least highlighting day after day that the issue is who controls our country: big business or the people?

Endorsement? Well that might be a little strong. Throwing his support to Edwards? That too seem like a stretch. It seems to me that with Nader’s support of Edwards one need to read between the lines a little bit.

Nader comes from the school of thought that third parties have an instrumental function for US politics. They serve a transitional rather than permanent function in US politics. Third parties run on issues that are eventually incorporated into our political duopoly.

So, if he’s not technically endorsing Edwards, or encouraging his past supporters to vote for him, then what the hell is going on? The great liberal lie against third parties is that they serve the role of spoiler. Nader understands the fear behind this lie, so he has decided to give the liberals a preemptive choice.

On one road are corporate Democrats which will force an 08 Nader candidacy. This is the choice the Democrats have chosen for the last 16 years. However, Nader sees another road in which the Democrats take an anti corporate, populist turn. Nader sees more in Edwards than I certainly do, and maybe even more than Edwards himself.

Well, what does this mean for Democrats and in particular, Iowa. Nader is declaring in not so subtle terms the road to a Naderless 2008.