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Hillary’s Proletarian Victory

Certain talking heads are telling us Hillary won New Hampshire because women came out in full force to support her. Others, such as Nichols via the The Capital Times, are trying to entertain the notion that Obama lost because of The Bradley Effect.

Another important but ignored aspect in New Hampshire is the role of class. At first glance one might assume Edwards’ struggle for America’s populist soul was dead on arrival. However, looking at the CNN’s exit polls another interesting narrative emerges.

Lets first look at income. Clearly those making under $50,000, what I’d classify as the working class, came out strongly for Clinton over Obama. Even Edwards appeared to do better with those in the $50,000-$150,000 range.


Next, those who George Bush had been relatively good to leaned towards Obama (48%). Both Clinton and Edwards voters reported falling behind economically (43%, 19%).


Again we see that pattern we saw in Iowa. Union members tend to be leery of Obama. Only 29% of union members were willing to risk a vote on Obama.


Again there is a clear difference with how the voters interpreted the economy. Those who see Bush economics working (14% of voters) went for Obama with 45%, whereas, Clinton did better with those who felt the economy had headed south.


It seems to me that Clinton won New Hampshire because of the dialectical interaction of gender and class. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the end. Frankly put, Hillary Clinton’s strongest supporters are not only casualties of Bush’s economic agenda, but Clintonomics as well.

In the past week I saw much more of Clinton in Obama than Hillary. What Hillary needs to do is Kill Bill. Hillary needs a Sister Souljah moment (For you Obama voters that was in the 90’s when Bill Clinton attacked a popular rapper to rally white southern voters). Hillary Clinton needs to rebuke Clintonomics in the strongest possible terms. Hillary Clinton needs to make it perfect clear that not only NCLB must go, but so must NAFTA, CAFTA, and all other agreement that are anti-American. Hillary Clinton needs to make it clear that the era of War on the Workers is over.


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  1. The working- vs. middle-class distinction always confuses me. I make quite a bit less than $50,000. Does this make me a working-class lawyer? Is such a thing even possible?

  2. I tend to look at it through a Marxian lens. The Working class gets their wealth from labor, capitalists from capital, and the middle class a hybrid of that.

    About $45,000 is the median household income. Individual income would be less than that.

    I would answer with a definite yes, assuming not a great % of your wealth is from interest.

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