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Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Krugman is on target once again. Feel good rhetoric is one thing, solving real life problems is quite another. What is scary is crowds of people will worship Obama without even a clue about his stance on issues. What is even scarier is that when Obama does become clear about his positions, they veer towards the right.

Responding to Recession – New York Times

Anyway, on Sunday Mr. Obama came out with a real stimulus plan. As was the case with his health care plan, which fell short of universal coverage, his stimulus proposal is similar to those of the other Democratic candidates, but tilted to the right.

For example, the Obama plan appears to contain none of the alternative energy initiatives that are in both the Edwards and Clinton proposals, and emphasizes across-the-board tax cuts over both aid to the hardest-hit families and help for state and local governments. I know that Mr. Obama’s supporters hate to hear this, but he really is less progressive than his rivals on matters of domestic policy.

Now , I know Obama has surrounded himself by Friedmanite advisers, yet you’d still expect a little more than tax cutting our way out of a recession. Jeez, no wonder the Republicans talk so flattering of him.