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The Politics of False Hope

Bill Clinton is right that Obama symbolizes a false hope. What Bill Clinton will not tell you is that he should know, because 16 short years ago that is the exact platform he ran on. There has always been something I strongly disliked about Obama, and Krugman hit the nail on the head. Obama in 2008, is Clinton in 92 all over again.

Krugman is also right that the audacity of false hope will get Obama the same effect in 2008, as Clinton had in 1992. The vagueness on policy will unleash a Republican attack machine that will make 1992 tame in comparison. It certainly is an obamanation to assume the empty rhetoric of hope will somehow serve Obama better than Bill Clinton.

One has to admit there is something ironic about Bill Clinton going on the attack with Obama. On the one hand Clinton wants preserve his legacy, yet on the other hand, Obama is the most likely heir to that legacy. How can Bill Clinton with a straight face defend the horrid neo liberal policies of the 90’s, while at the same time attacking the man carrying that legacy forward.