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Kill Bill

San Jose Mercury News Hillary Clinton lost the South Carolina primary big time, but the loss also opened an opportunity for her to prove her commander-in-chief bona fides, which could punch up her chances in the remaining primaries.It is now clear who the enemy is, and Clinton can brush away the lingering, gender-driven doubts about her sanguinary potential by driving Bill Clinton from the field of battle.

I think this is right on. I actually argued after Hillary’s NH victory she should Kill Bill. It seemed like a natural role for the old buffoon to shortly come on stage, smile, and then exit. After NH, the whole good cop / bad cop routine seemed to backfire.

I think I have come upon the perfect solution to the Bill problem. One major issue that remains unsettled from the Clinton presidency is middle east peace. This in turn has been something that the current Bush wants to solve before his end of days. This is even a pet project of Bill’s old homeboy, the ex PM Blair.

What Hillary needs to do is send Bill to the Middle East to negotiate a peace settlement. Its a win, win, win, win situation. Its a win for Bush 2 because leaving office with a peace settlement would be akin to winning a gold medal. This would also be a win for the Neoliberal twins, Bill and Tony, because a lasting middle east peace deal would do wonders for their legacies.

Lastly this will be a big win for Hillary Clinton. The act of sending him to the middle east for his last mission has presidential written all over it. Even if he gets press coverage, as he probably will, it will be the socially redeeming kind that will help her campaign. In my opinion, the main reason Hillary won in NH was voters saw her as a candidate and not an arm of a political machine.

In 1992 redux,

Its time for Bill to go!

Its time for Bill to go!

Its time for Bill to go!