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The Payday Loan Canidate

Every now and then, one of the liberals in the blogosphere rally against payday loans. Go down any major street in a decent sized city and you may see 2 or more of them in a few blocks radius. While these liberals like sounding tough, they rarely want to take on the structures that allow these businesses to flourish.

It seems everywhere I go, or whatever I listen to, everyone has overdosed on Obama Kool Aid. The liberals drunkenness is so great a vote against a 30% cap on interest rates is not even on their political radar.

This kind of vote, and Obama was with 74 other Senators, creates the consequences of Pay Day Loans, housing foreclosures, and the student loan interest rates of 30%. It is beyond me how one who so clearly chooses the banking industry over Americans would be considered a progressive. It just goes to show that the Democratic Party has totally sold its soul.

McCabe is right, we need an up and down politics. An up and down politics moves us beyond this or that special interest group. The passage of NAFTA is an UP politics, voting against a 30% cap is an UP politics, voting for a higher minimum wage is a DOWN politics, and supporting single payer heath care is DOWN politics.

My problem with Obama is that while he may be liberal, and sometimes progressive, time and time again he proudly carries the banner for an UP politics. He carries the UPpity banner to such an extent, he makes Hillary’s look DOWN. If its his opposition to mediocre health care reform, or his Friedman like talking points that freezing housing interest rates will devastate our economy with high inflation.


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