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An Obamanation

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people.

Marx’s quote on religion, being the opiate of the masses, seems pertinent to the Obama factor. While week after week all he offers is a senseless rhetoric of a politics of false hope, the liberal kool aid drinkers follow him like he’s the next messiah. To an untrained eye you’d think we were selecting the next cult leader rather than president of the United States.

The other day a Neo Crybaby blog posted a false quote from an Obama speech, and all the liberal kool aid drinkers came out in full force defending their esteemed leader. Well I got another quote, a real one, with about as much false hope drivel.

“I won’t stand here and tell you that we can — or should — stop free trade. We can’t stop every job from going overseas,” Obama told GM employees on Wednesday, just hours after the company offered thousands of worker buyouts. “But I also won’t stand here and accept an America where we do nothing to help American workers who have lost jobs and opportunities because of these trade agreements.”

Even Nichols has gotten drunk on the Obama kool aid. He had the audacity to argue that Obama got the Feingold hint. Obama has gotten nothing of the sort. In the quote above, he clearly articulates a vision in which disastrous free trade agreements will continue to be in America’s future.

Lie 1: Obama’s first lie is “free trade” and it is nothing of the sort. These are protectionist agreements that give corporations super governmental powers. The reason we had tainted meat, and lead based toys is under these agreements it is illegal to check these products on American soil.

Lie 2: In Friedman like fashion Obama conflates the natural process of trade with the disastrous, anti worker, anti American trade agreements. The issue is not stopping jobs from going overseas, but stopping trade policies that rewards companies that go overseas.

Lie 3: That government action, if it be food stamps, education, or unemployment compensation, will come nowhere close to compensating for the destructive consequences of government sanctioned trade agreements that turn American sovereignty over to corporations.

Somebody please explain to me how Obama’s rhetoric is even remotely pro worker. He more or less said the government is not done screwing you yet, but I promise to finish the job. I guess its a good thing he wasn’t talking about the banking industry. It would have gone something like this.

I won’t stand here and tell you that we can — or should — cap interest rates at 30% We can’t stop every loan with runaway interest rates. Obama told foreclosed homeowners on Wednesday, just hours after the banking industry foreclosed on 100,000 more homeowners. “But I also won’t stand here and accept an America where we do nothing to help Americans who have their homes and were victims of predatory lending because of those interest rates.”