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Nobama No Accomplishments

Now, this is pretty pathetic, but sadly not surprising. Its not only Nobama who doesn’t know where he stands on the issues, but his surrogates as well.

There is an old saying if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. It seems the biggest crisis we face in this country is thousands of Democrats and Republicans have chosen to fall for anything.


3 responses to “Nobama No Accomplishments

  1. Oriola John Blues ⋅

    Here is my comment- GET OVER IT. Hillary Clinton had her shot and its done. If you all vote for McCain or refuse to vote, we will see you at the next rally in 2009 to protest the Iranian, I repeat IRANIAN war. God luck. 18 million strong is good but its time to move on and get a DEMOCRAT in the white house. All those playing up to you all, including OBAMA, are wasting time needed to get to the independents.
    God Bless America

  2. Where did I say I’d vote for McCain. What I did say was tit for tat we might be better with a McCain in a strong democratic congress. You say I should fear McCain w/ Iran, but it is the Democrats in congress who are rattling the Iranian snake right now.

  3. HillaryforPresident ⋅



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