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Nobama Attacks from the Right

The Associated Press: Clinton advisers have repeatedly criticized the Obama campaign’s health care mailing, which says her plan for universal coverage would “force” everyone to purchase insurance even if they can’t afford it. Her plan does require everyone to be covered, but it offers tax credits and other subsidies to make insurance more affordable.

This is exactly why this guy is a phony. Every time he attacks Hillary its from the right. If you are truly a candidate of change, attack her from the left. Some possible left leaning talking points.

  1. Hillary has stated her plan will be universal by the end of her second term. Why not from day 1.
  2. While Hillary’s plan is technically universal, it leaves the profit motive in place. Why not a single payer plan.

Nobama, enough of the Republican talking points. No wonder you are the DLC’s darling. You must make Harold Ford proud.


4 responses to “Nobama Attacks from the Right

  1. Mystic55 ⋅

    Um…Hello? DLC was founded by the Clintons.

  2. No, not exactly. While it is true Bubba carried their banner for 8 years.

    Fromm and Ford both adore Obama. His center right economic policies, attacks on interest rate caps, and rants against health care mandates are very much to their liking.

    I don’t think the DLC is jumping for joy with Hillary’s leftward drift. When Obama tried to take Rush’s seat, he then had to fight off accusations about being a DLC Dem.

    Frankly I have been surprised at how right of center some of his policies have been. They may even be the right of the DLC. Attacking universal health care as forcing people folks to purchase insurance seems a little lame.

    The Green Party is calling for a 12% cap on interest rates, Obama voted against a 30% cap. There is a reason we have sub prime mortgages, payday loans on every street corner, and that is because Senators like Obama vote for the banking industry rather than consumers.

  3. Oh yea and here are Nobama’s advisers.

    Robert Rubin
    Austan Goolsbe
    Jeffrey Liebman
    David Cutler

    Robert Rubin is one of major architects and supporters of unfettered “free” trade.

    Goolsbe is the chief economist for the DLC and also a major proponent of “free” trade.

    Liebman is a supports the privatization of social security.

    Cutler is a major proponent of keeping the health care system as it is and thinks the high costs are good for people.

  4. Karl Marx ⋅

    What on earth are you people talking about. Obama is straight from my manifesto of taking from those with means (ie workers) and giving to those in want (ie welfare pigs). NW IF Obama would just pontificate that ignorance of wealth redistribution is bliss, we could all agree he is a socialist through and through.

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