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And the Vice President Is…

In the last 24 hours some interesting developments have occurred. Last night VoteNader.Org announced Ralph would be selecting his VP candidate today followed by a speech at George Washington University.

The most interesting news actually came out this morning. It turns out Bloomberg is not running for president. The big question is why now, the day Nader will make his vice president candidate known. Here is what Bloomberg actually said this morning,

I listened carefully to those who encouraged me to run, but I am not — and will not be — a candidate for president.

It seems to me he left the option for a VP run totally open. Maybe Babs is right, one has the money, and the other has the balls.

Personally, I hope for someone more acceptable to Green and Nader supporters alike. I think a Nader / McKinney would be the wisest choice. If only to have a unified ticket going into the 2008 election. I would also be just as happy to have this guy on the ticket.

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  1. Yes, and he’s so well spoken and articulate.

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