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The Nader 13%

Boston Herald

Independent candidate Ralph Nader could get up to 13 percent of the likely Democratic vote in the November election in Ohio, according to the poll. Eleven percent of Democratic voters said they would vote for Nader if their favored Democratic candidate (either Clinton or Obama) did not win the nomination. Two percent of Democratic voters say they will vote for Nader regardless of whom the Democratic nominee is.

An interesting poll of Democratic Ohio voters came out and 13% plan on voting for Nader if their preferred canidate is not the nominee. Some time back when visiting a CNN page on Nader, it was interesting how many Clinton supporters stated they would vote Nader if she did not get the nomination. What would be interesting is a breakdown of which Democratic voters break for Nader the most.

On the one hand, I ended up voting for Hillary in the primary knowing full well she would not get my vote in the fall. I felt the momemtum was with the Democrats this year, and Hillary was the lessor of the two evils. If we get past Obama’s near fascist Obamania we are left with a right wing language only fit for Republicans.

On the other hand there seems to be some Naderites last time arround that have drunken the Obamama kool-aid. Even the moderater of the Nader group on MySpace is now a Obama fan. Matt Gonzalez’s ex girl friend is an Obama supporter this year.

This seems to point towards a win-win situation for Nader this year. The Democrats have to choose, and whatever their choice, it will be followed by an exodus of Democratic voters to the Nader campaign.