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Ferraro is Right

CNN Political Ticker: It wasn’t a racist comment, it was a statement of fact, she said on CBS’ Early Show

Yes, Ferraro is right, but not necessarily how she thinks. Shelby Steele has Obama pegged.

The Obama phenomenon is about white liberal restoration. Obama is all about race because in the end he offers no substance and race is all that remains after his masks are removed. As Willie Brown correctly pointed out, he never got any of the passes Obama has received. Obama has not gotten a free ride because of his “blackness” but because he represents a “post blackness” that white liberals so desperately yearn for.

Earlier this year Bill Clinton was attacked because he referred to Jesse Jackson in discussing Obama’s victory. White, middle class liberals saw this as dirty racial politics. In 1984, every white person I knew supported Jessee Jackson. In fact if you have read Jackson’s biography, Jesse, you would know that in 1988 when he traveled in Northern Wisconsin he was protected by the Posse Comitatus. Jesse Jackson was escorted to secret locations in Northern Wisconsin by white men with hoods on their heads. When the masked men were asked why they supported Jesse for president they responded, I would rather follow a black man to heaven than follow a white man to hell.

So, lets be honest, there is something about Obama that makes white, middle class liberals comfortable in a way Jesse Jackson never could. As this election season proceeds and Obama is forced to take off his masks, you will see white, middleclass liberals drop him like a hot potato.

And, while we are being honest. Do you really think Jesse Jackson would support a white candidate who voted against a 30% cap on interest rates. If you ever listen to Jackson’s radio show, you’ll know pay day loans and sub prime housing rates are hot political topics. When Hillary suggested capping interest rates by sub prime lenders, Obama had a fit and argued the result would be uncontrollable inflation. I think it is reasonable to assume that Jackson would not be as excited with a white candidate with as little substance as Obama.

Like white, middleclass liberals, it seems African Americans have a parallel fantasy going on. It will be interesting to see what happens when those fantasies clash. Eventually, the strings of yes we can, change, and hope will cease to bind their fantasies together.

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  1. borges

    Why don’t you write about your socialist candidate? Who would that be…Socialist Party USA–Brian Moore of Florida and Stewart Alexander is the vice presidential candidate.

    Or are you with the Socialist Workers Party and their candidate Róger Calero of New York and
    Alyson Kennedy vice presidential candidate?

    I admit, I had to look ’em up.

  2. Well, for about a year I was a member of SP USA. I have also been a member of the Green Party on and off. And, here are some posts on Ralph Nader.

    As I am sure you realize it is difficult to stick with those issues and not also discuss Demopublicans and Neocrybabies.

    Thanks for the comment.

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