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And a Spoiling We Will Go

Zogby International: Nader’s presence in the race can potentially turn a lulu of a race into an absolute tizzy. The messages to Democrats are clear – number one, Nader may win enough support to get into the general election debates. Number two, what could be at risk is support among several key constituencies that the Democratic Party candidate will need to win in November, notably younger voters, independents, and progressives

It look likes McCain beats Hillary by 6% and Obama by 5%, which is exactly the % Nader gets. There is also an additional 11% who are waiting for someone else. The good news is Nader may have to be included in the debates after all.

As for the Dems, it may be too late. I bet they wished they had not fought so hard against Instant Run Off Voting the past eight years. As someone said in the past few days, it looks like the rooster has come home to roost.