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Hillary: Either Way We Go Until November

On CNN’s Late Edition last night James Carville threw a bomb shell. Wolf Blitzer asked Carville, what would Hillary do if at the convention she still does not have the nomination.

Well, you know the convention is not the end game, folks. Now, don’t get me wrong I think Hillary Clinton will get the nomination in the end. But, if the Washintonian elites decide to throw her under the bus, who could blame her if she took this all the way to November.

Even Ralph Nader’s website was jumping with speculation about Hillary’s campaign continueing on until November. When Nader heard the news he had a personal message to Hillary Clinton.

Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore.

That’s just political bigotry.

One supporter may have been jumping the gun when she speculated about a Clinton / Nader ticket.

Yes! A Clinton/Nader ticket just might work, with Mr. Nader being the proverbial watch dog for the American people, keeping big business and corporate welfare in check ;-)

Later in the interview Carville acknowledged that both Clintons were meeting with Jesse Ventura at an undisclosed location. Blitzer pointed out Tuesday night Ventura would be on Larry King Live discussing his political future. This, of course, would be the obvious forum to announce a Clinton / Ventura Unity ticket.

In many ways Clinton jumping the sinking Democratic ship makes a lot of sense. As Ballot Access News points out if we take the primary based popular vote Hillary leads with almost 14 million votes. While Obama also has about 14 million votes, McCain has only received half that much. As Richard Winger points out, if this were a “Top Two” presidential election like Washington State voted for, it would be Hillary against Obama anyway.