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Keystone State is Nobama Country

Poll: Clinton Headed for Keystone State Win
In addition to the 20 percent of disgruntled Democratic voters defecting to McCain, another 4 percent would vote for independent Ralph Nader, and 20 percent were undecided about what they would ultimately do in November.

Yep, you heard it right, up to 40% of voters in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary will not support Obama in the general election.

Electoral Vote recently broke down based on current polling how the EC would pan out. A Clinton – McCain race ends with a Democratic victory with 289-239-10 (tied). An Obama – McCain race is much closer with 269-254-15 (tied). With Virgina, West Virgina, and Pennsylvania going Republican, it is highly unlikely Obama could win North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes. In addition, only once in the last 40 years has the Democrats won Colorado, so the likelihood of a McCain win nationally in even greater.