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The Social Security Con

Dissident Voice : “The economy” isn’t the casino, isn’t the game, isn’t even the chits of paper we use to trade and keep score with. The economy is the real world of producing real goods and services. So long as American workers are producing real goods and real knowledge for decent wages, there will be enough surplus for their elders’ Social Security.

If, on the other hand, our “leaders” follow the road they’ve been on the last 30 years: off-shoring production, outsourcing democratic government to unaccountable private power, stripping resources faster than they’re renewed, allowing infrastructure and human skills to decay, and substituting a casino economy for a real one, we’ll all go broke, and private accounts won’t change that likelihood one bit.

Social Security’s not in crisis. Our leadership is. Our democracy is.

No tax hikes, no benefit cuts, no private accounts. Hands off, ya lying crooks.

Boy, she’s got the Duopoly Circus pegged. This is the con Obama must be referring to by “bipartisanship”.