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Tariffs Help WI Businesses

NPR : Bill Fisher is an analyst with the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, an industry trade group. He says a number of former U.S. hanger manufacturers have made a comeback since the tariff ruling. One company has reopened a plant in Wisconsin and opened another in California. But he says it’s a mixed bag.

While NPR certainly sees life through a blind trade prism, it seems the recent tariff is bringing back American jobs. The once sole hanger manufacturer in Alabama is thriving and now both Wisconsin and California has hanger plants.

The blind traders are giving their dire warnings that prices will rise, but the reality is quite different.

If I pay $12.95 to have my suit cleaned and that hanger cost him a cent and a half more, that’s $12.96 and a half,” he says. “It’s not a factor.”

Let’s hope the era of blind trade is coming to a close, and in the future tariffs will become the norm. Our trade deals with China are costing every American thousands of dollars a year. There is no reason why Americans with their declining per capita consumption should subsidize the Chinese economy year in and year out.


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