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Obama and the Class Action Fairness Act

TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime
In 2005, Barack Obama voted for CAFA, the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. Who voted against it? Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy, Pat Leahy, Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer and other progressive Democrats.

It really befuddles me how so called progressives “can stand by their man” when he broke with progressive Democrats to support this anti-consumer, anti federalist, anti-worker bill. I am sure this was partly “payback” for his Senate seat, but that leaves the question that if by some miracle he becomes the next president what will the payback be to corporate America .

Maybe, he was not paying attention, or simply made a mistake because he was green. No, as recently as last Sunday he bragged about it to Chris Wallace.

I would point out, though, for example, that when I voted for a tort reform measure that was fiercely opposed by the trial lawyers, I got attacked pretty hard from the left.