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Why Nader Beats Team McCain / Obama

As the Duopoly unity ticket of McCain / Obama moves forward, I thought it would be helpful to see how they contrast against Nader. I am told team McCain / Obama will campaign and have town meetings together, how special. Wasn’t there a spoof campaign like that some time ago that did not work out to well.

I certainly hope that come November Hillary supporters will vote against the McCain / Obama unity ticket. Clearly the McCain / Obama ticket in not in their economic interests, or many other interests. They refuse to support universal health care, stop blind trade, hold corporations accountable, or even address the immigration problem. Nader has taken positions on all these issues in direct contrast to the McCain/ Obama unity ticket. This year don’t waste your vote on the Duopoly ticket, Vote Nader.

Nader Gets Trade

Nader Gets Corporate Welfare

Nader Gets Green Energy

Nader Gets Health Care

Nader Gets Inmmigration

Nader Gets Iraq Withdrawal

8 responses to “Why Nader Beats Team McCain / Obama

  1. Matt ⋅

    Remember when the Naderites said there was no difference between Gore and Bush.

    The rest of us do. If you don’t care about the country, why do you have a website? If you do care, why are you making the same arguments proven completely, sadly, and dangerously false by a little thing called historical truth. The candidates aren’t the same, they are not even similar, and you disgrace your troops and your country by insisting on such nonsense.

    You are not smarter than everyone else. You are working for McCain. Do you even know it? Put the bong down and read the stupid crap on your website. “Obama has 8% chance of Beating McCain”


  2. No, no meaningful differences between Gore and Bush. Some may say hey look at global warming and the environment. It was Gore who told Clinton to not sign the Kyoto Treaty because it might influence the election. Or what about Iraq. Remember it was Bush who was the I am not a nation builder, Gore played the hawk. He attacked Bush Sr. for not finishing the job in Iraq 1. It may have been worse, if Democrats would lay down and play dead for a Republican president it is scarry to think what they would have done for a Democratic one. Also remember most of the authority in Patriot Act 1 was defacto policy under Clinton, the act simply legalized it.

    Let me see if I follow your logic. If I can’t be terrorized by your political bigotry to the extent I am denied the right to vote, then I have the blood of American troops on my hands. All the Democrats who gave Bush his unconstitutional authority are off the hook, and all those Democrats who continue to fund the war are too, but unless I give up my right to vote, its my fault.

    Hmm, I never said I was smarter then anybody. I am not the one trying to deny someone the right to vote, you are. I am not the one calling Clinton supporters idiots by pointing out they have a constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choosing.

    The Democrats have to come to terms that the politics of the slavery plantation are over. They do not own the voters or the coalitions they belong to. If they want votes, they must earn then, not terrorize what could be potential voters. The Democrats have made their bed and now they must lie in it.

  3. Ben K

    You might think Nader is the best of the three candidates, but he certianly doesnt beat them in an actual election with votes.

  4. Oh certainly not, and I did not mean to imply that. I meant “beat” as in weighing your options of who to support in November.

    In the general McCain / Obama will almost certainly leave trade and health care off the table. It will be about war, war, and war.

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  6. Gary L. Stout ⋅

    Does Nader get Education?

  7. I believe he is against NCLB. It does not seem to be on the top of his list. But then again the Feds do better when they simply just write the check.

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