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Anybody But Obama

The message to come out of West Virginia last night was Anybody But Obama. The spread between Obama and John Edwards was closer than Obama and Hillary. Hillary Clinton won every single county in the state. She did almost as well as John McCain and he is the Republican nominee. In 2004 40% of Democrats voted in the primary, last night it was over 60%.

Why would Obama have such a convincing ass kicking after the corporate media anointed him the next messiah. The answer my friend is lying in the exit polls.

It looks like over half of the voters (53%) think Obama is untrustworthy. Over 63% of voters stated the economy, followed by Iraq and Health Care, as the most important issues. Around 60% of voters believe Hillary Clinton was better at handling all these issues.

Well, what do they know, right? They are all uneducated, rednecked, racists, right, or at least that is the Obama meme that has been spreading as of late. It turns out Hillary’s support among liberals, moderates, and conservative hover around 60%. If that is broken down further such as very liberal Hillary gets 70% of the vote. In short, Hillary beats Obama in every criteria possible, region, education, income, church affiliation, political affiliation, ideology, gender, union membership, and age.

While around 80% of voters (white) said race was not important to them, it looks like the Wright thing has not gone away. Half of the voters believe that Obama shares the views of Rev. Wright. While 73% of the voters would be satisfied if Hillary won the nomination, 54% of votes would NOT be satisfied if Obama won.

Just the other day someone commented that a vote for Nader was a vote for McCain. While I don’t pay much attention to such political bigotry, could not be the same be said about Obama. Does, anyone truly believe that if he wins the nomination, he will beat McCain in the general. Even his math does not add up. First he says there are 57 – I mean 60 states, and then believes New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada (20 EC total) somehow compensates for the loss of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

I guess what the Super Delegates need to do, is ask themselves do they really believe Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, and Nevada are going to put the Democrats over the top. If not they better think long and hard before installing Obama as messiah in chief.


5 responses to “Anybody But Obama

  1. folkbum

    If we’re going to let one state decide the nominee, can I offer Illinois instead?

    How about Wisconsin? No home-state pride for you? Not even a little?

    Look, West Virginia is representative of neither the Democratic primary electorate nor the nation as a whole. It’s stupid to suggest that Obama cannot win states like PA (hasn’t gone R since it voted against Dukakis) or OH (where an R can’t buy a state-wide election right now) in November simply because Clinton outperformed him there in a primary.

    Besides, even if Obama loses PA (which he won’t) and all the Bush states and turns NM, NV, and CO (all trending blue, as you suggest), all he needs is one of MO, IA, NH, or AZ to win the electoral vote. Obama won MO, so by your metric, that would be that. But IA and NH went Dem in one of the last two elections, and AZ has a popluar, Obama-supporting Dem governor (a Richardson VP would lock down AZ)–making them all strong candidates to pick up. But, again, he will not lose PA.

    Hey, we all know what ass you have your wagon hitched to. But let’s not lie about the other donkeys in the race, ‘kay?

  2. Renee,

    I would agree that there has been a lot of “race baiting” in this campaign, but I would put it at Obama’s feet. This started right after NH with the MLK comment, followed by SC with the Jessee Jackson comment. I would agree with you that the racial tones do not help. My reaction to Obama is very similar to Bush, when they come on I turn the channel.

    Obama is the Egghead candidate, and if he gets elected its the African American part of the coalition who will be ignored. Voting against the cap on interest of 30% certainly does not have the concern of the African American community at heart. Neither has been his refusal to support universal health care, housing industry reform, or the death penalty.

  3. folkbum,

    Not since 1915 has a winner not carried West Virginia. Bill Clinton carried it two times, and so did Bush. If Obama loses West Virginia, so will go Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. West Virginia is what the Democratic Party used to call its soul. Casey Democrats did not vote for Obama in the primary and they won’t in the general.

    It sounds like you are drinking the Obama Kool Aid. Do you realize how conservative Colorado is? McCain is what they call a liberal in Arizona. Let me get this right, Obama will carry these western states when Latinos have been voting against him from day one.

    The only reason I post flatteringly about Hillary is she has taken centrist positions like universal health care, moratorium on trade agreements, and interest rate caps. Obama advisers have plans to privatize social security, and Goosleby has stated there has been no to minimal effects to American workers from NAFTA.

    Truth be told, if he embraced the Rev. Wright platform I’d be a supporter. Every time I listen to him there is abstract, meaningless, verbiage that has absolutely no basis in reality. What is he going to change. Oh yea bipartisanship. Sell out African Americans, civil liberties, workers right, teachers, senior citizens for deals with the right. I have had eight years too many of bipartisanship.

  4. Denny

    I would like to put your blog on my ‘Anybody But Obama’ blogroll. Please let me know if you oppose this.


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